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On The Gold Coast in the South Coast of Ontario, in Norfolk County,

"Ontario's South Coast has been called many things including the Ontario Riviera, Blue water Country and the Lake Erie Coast"        Jim Fox, London Free Press 

Long Point has claimed over 400 ships wrecked or sunk with their treasures lost or stolen, thus the moniker "Gold Coast" one of many names anointing the area over the centuries.

Long Point has a population of about 650 people on a 40 km peninsula, home to many migratory birds, seasonal cottagers and  year-round residents.

Long Point is renowned worldwide as an important refuge and stopover point for migrating birds, especially waterfowl.


Real Estate For Sale in Long Point, Ontario

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Photograph of Long Point Ontario showing real estate, houses, cottages, lakefront, land and property for sale in Port Dover on the Gold Coast, South Coast of Ontario, on the shores of Lake Erie in Norfolk County
Photo link to aerial photographs of Long Point Ontario and area, Norfolk County on Lake Erie Ontario

Aerial photographs of Long Point

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Real Estate for sale in Long Point

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